Google Internship Application Project

Google Internship Application Project

Google Internship Application Project

"Design a digital billboard experience to welcome incoming students and their families. These will be displayed on various screens on campus, and will show orientation information, advertise student organizations and events, and include delightful moments of school branding. Create three motion sequences that will be looped, transitioning between the different types of content." — Google

I researched the academy’s official color palette and typefaces — Stanley & Neue Haas Unica — during my design process however, I decided against using Stanley as I found the difference in contrast too little to be distinguishable and chose Heldane instead as it has more modulation and feels more serif.

Although I had a clear concept at an early stage, I encountered several problems, particularly regarding text readability. Alignment and arrangement of text were sometimes troublesome. For best readability, I tried to avoid position jumps of text and unnatural elements (such as the underline after the y).

What I tried to keep in mind while designing is the academy’s branding and recognizability which is also why the university’s logo and the logo of its parent organization Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen are shown almost constantly. Regardless of which campus the spectator is in and if the viewer has been to another campus or not, they should feel like the billboard experience is part of the academy, part of the whole.

It is worth mentioning that some movements, particularly with larger text, have been sped up for the purpose of making it more interesting to see online; text would, of course, be visible for a longer period of time in a real life.

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